October 2005: M&S Precision opens their doors

With 38+ years of combined machining experience Mike and Dave decided to give it a shot on their own. With a lot of blood sweat and tears, M&S was born.  Starting in Mike’s 840sq. foot garage running nights and weekends, while still working full time at their current jobs.  The first machines we had were a 1957 Index Knee Mill, a 1980’s Republic Conventional Lathe, and a new Jet Saw. Over the next year we added an ’85 and ’86 Mori MV JR’s. we also added in a ’96 Daewoo Puma Lathe and a New Accutex EDM hole popper. All this running on a 200-amp service with a three-phase converter.  Six months into this adventure, Mike decided it was time to quit his fulltime job and run M&S full time. Within the next 6 months, Dave followed suit and joined Mike.